Friday, August 28, 2009

Freebie - Candy Bar Wrappers

I found this and wanted to share: Candy Bar Wrappers from a blog I love called Creature Comforts. Fun for a shower or party or someone detail-obsessed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009 do or not to do lists.

I've painted many chalkboards and put them in vintage frames to sell at Bloom and Bee Swanky. All sizes, all kinds of frames. And I keep one in my kitchen. It usually had an extensive to do list on it. Every time I would look at it, I would get tired...too, too, too many to dos. So I cleared it of all the to dos and put on one of my favorite songs. I may forget to be somewhere, but now every time I look at the chalkboard, I am uplifted!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little blue transferware

I love the look of a little blue transferware on a shelf made from antique ceiling tin moulding. Asiatic pheasant platter on the left is available at Bloom and Bee Swanky. The one on the right is sold.

Apothecary with Faux Enamel Tags

I love the look of apothecary cabinets and French enamel tags. I couldn't find the tags so I just painted them on and then added an epoxy over them for dimension. They feel real and if you don't get too close, they look real. And who doesn't need that little extra storage provided by a little cabinet?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Noo Cow on old canvas

This painting is big.  I found an old canvas that had not been used and painted this cow.   But I did paint a cow kinda like her on a scrabble piece too.  Although the second photo is not the best, can you find her in this bust display of scrabble pieces I did?  The big cow and the scrabble pieces are all hangin' out at Bloom and Bee Swanky.

Handpainted scrabble piece - red bird with curly tail

I like to paint all kinds of things.  This is actually a bird I painted on a scrabble tile.  And yes it is very difficult to paint on something this small.  I make pendants out of scrabble tiles and dominoes, but this one is in a very small ornate frame.  Fun!  See many of my pieces at Bloom and Bee Swanky.  

Sweater Gator

My new grandbaby, Caroline Claire, was born July 9th.  Just before she was born, my daughter and I made this gator from old sweaters.  We were really happy with it!  I even put a hoodie on it!

Beehive lampshade

I made a lampshade-looks sorta like a beehive---see at Bloom and Bee Swanky.