Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From Headboard to Pediment

I can just about always find something around my home for Kathleen's White Wednesday post on her Faded Charm blog. Finding the TIME to post something is another thing. But I always try to see what others have posted for White Wednesday.

This time I wanted to do a quick post on what I did with an antique Eastlake headboard. It was missing a major portion of what was probably inlaid walnut. I don't have a before photo but if you look closely at the top (just above where I have the antique frames propped against it) you can see where I added an inset of antique ceiling tin where the wood was missing. I cut the legs off so it would look more like a pediment than a headboard. And then of course I painted it white (which worked out really well since I had to add the ceiling tin) and placed it above my mantle. This is a very tall fireplace in a room that is 20 feet tall, so I really wanted something large and tall and striking so it would stand out. I have enjoyed it there, but I am going to be selling this house (sigh) and will have to find another place for it. Maybe I can get an idea from the other White Wednesday posts?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to ?

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday. He does not really celebrate his birthday. He's always been that way. Sick puppy! He thinks he has finally gotten me to stop acknowledging his birthday. I can't be trusted.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shady Bird

We all like a bargain, right? Most of us like birds, right? Some of us like to paint, right? Enough questions. I recently found this handmade lamp at a thrift store.

It worked well, but I thought I could make it look better. So I painted it. White. Then came the task of finding just the right shade. With the new crisp, white look, the field was wide open!
I found all of these lamp shades at the same thrift store in course of two weeks.

Of course, simple white.

Classic black.

Cream colored opaque.

Fun little shade (it was still in the wrapper, so I know it was from IKEA originally).

Tailored cream colored with brown borders.

Vintage parchment colored linen (the only oval shade).

So tell me, please, what do you think? One more question: Which shade gets the bird?

In the meantime, I think I'll just put it right here.

Since the lamp was only $4 and each shade was $2-$3, I want to link with Jane at Finding Fabulous for Frugalicious Friday! And since I love to participate in White Wednesday, I am linking with Kathleen at Faded Charm. Thanks to our hosts!

Monday, August 9, 2010

It’s Burlap Yall!

So many have asked me about the burlap faux roman shade I made for the men’s room window at the shop where I previously sold my stuff. Well, while trying to move my stuff from my old computer to my new one, I ran across the photo. So here ‘tis:

I just took burlap (not burlap fabric, just real burlap) and doubled it because it is sort of thin and holey. Then I made horizontal pleats about 3” deep and hand sewed them in place (you know ‘cause the shade doesn’t really roll up and down!) I made a place at the top and bottom to insert tension rods so you don’t even have to put holes in the wall, yall! Then to top it off, I just sewed black grossgrain ribbon down the sides and in the middle. Everything was hand-stitched because real burlap doesn’t work too well in my sewing machine. I guess it all worked pretty well. People liked it enough to commission more of them! Only trouble is…I can’t always find that kind of burlap!

I think today I'll link with new blogs I just found called Making the World Cuter and Keeping It Simple. Looks like so many cute and wonderful ideas! Can't wait to see all of them!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Next Project...It's Bigger Than a Breadbox!

We are very excited! Here is a photo of our next project--so much work, but loads of potential! More photos to come as we make progress. Of course, there is still chaos, but my a/c is working in my suburban. It has 2 air conditioners that had to be repaired, so, in the words of Bill Murray, "I got that goin' for me." For our anniversary, Hubby insisted that I get a new computer since mine had gone kablooey. I'm still working on getting all my stuff switched over. I can totally relate to Laura's (White Spray Paint) blog post here...so funny! Thanks, Laura, for making me feel better! I also have a new camera, so we'll see if I can work it when I have time to sit down with the instructions.

More good news is that inventory (except for a few stragglers) has been moved and we will be able to start on the above project right away. In the meantime, until my stuff is situated, I can be contacted directly by email. I am still on the road constantly between our Crawford home and our home in Frisco. I will also be posting new photos of some things I have just completed. Recently, I have met some inspiring new people and reconnected with some old friends. And I really appreciate all of my wonderful blogging friends who have become a great resource for inspiration and encouragement! Thanks bunches!