Thursday, March 1, 2012

Valentines to a T

 It all started with the lure of a shiny of a shiny object.  Doesn’t it always?

tea set
Around the age of 2, each grandchild asked about the silver tea pot.
I tried to explain the purpose of it, but I had not actually used it in a long time.
So before Reid became too “old” and after Caroline was just “old” enough, I decided to have a tea party for just them.  And I decided to do it on Valentine’s Day.

I reserved a table.
reid caroline valentine 3
And decorated it.  Even made some special placemats.
valentine table 1
Made some of their favorites.  Little brownies.
reid caroline valentine brownie
Red velvet cupcakes.
reid caroline red velvet
The first African Violets I have ever grown myself!
valentine violet
First we watched the Charlie Brown Valentine special on TV.
valentine charley brown
Reid looks like he has a pony tail! It is actually Caroline sitting very close to him.
Reid gets a perpetual calendar as his Valentine’s present.
valentine reid calendar
Caroline gets a new cloche hat.  She loves cloche hats.
valentine caroline hat closeup
And the tea party begins!  Southern sweet tea (iced) was the beverage du jour.    The food was not all desserts—those are little hot dogs in the top tray.   Caroline has brought a friend.
valentines at table 1
Caroline decided to go to her “stash” and bring out another friend.  Notice that she wore her red tutu.
valentine caroline snoopy
And she invites yet another friend.
valentine caroline another friend
Gee, I hope I made enough food.
valentine caroline and all friends
I knew since computers weren’t involved,  a tea party would not exactly be Reid’s “cup of tea.”
valentines at table 5 reid
A little chocolate….and he became a real trooper!
But I think his favorite part—breadsticks and marinara!
It really was Caroline’s “cup of tea.”
valentine hat
She loved the sugar cubes, although they were just for show.
valentine caroline with sugar tongs
valentines at table 2
valentines at table 3
I told Reid I knew it probably had not been as much fun for him and that I appreciated that he played along with Caroline.
And his response was “But Pammy, this is the best tea party I have ever had!”
reid me valentine closeup adjusted (3)
And that, my dears, was my Valentine’s present!