Monday, August 8, 2011

My Electric Bill Came Today

bulldog amanda painted

Texas heat is attempting to  break records.  I am speechless.


P.S.  I am happy though to be the proud owner of this pup painted by my daughter.  I made a very good trade for it.  Actually, I saved it.  She has a habit of painting over her previous paintings.  The horror!






Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tea for Two or Twenty-Two

teacups 1
Last week my daughter, Amanda and her friend, Krista hosted a brunch for another friend, Elizabeth who is getting married soon.  They wanted to have a tea party and, of course, I still have millions of  a number of vintage thingies.  So I was recruited. 
teacups 2
And after months and months of moving boxes and unpacking and putting up, I found myself pulling down and packing and moving boxes for what seemed like months and months to my daughter’s house.

I just had to stop along the way and take a few photos.  They say all the pink florals are coming back.
haviland c & s pink garland in display closeup
Haviland.  Enough said. 

teacups 3
I am liking the simple things so much more than I did when I was younger. 

Amanda made these wonderful hanging hearts out of fine scrapbook papers. 
hanging hearts 1
hanging hearts 2
“clustres” of them were hanging in several places and everyone loved them. 
hanging hearts 4
tea party plates 2
Lots of mismatched luncheon plates and vintage napkins.  I told you I unpacked for day and days. 
tea party quiche
Several different kinds of flowers lined the table in tea tins.  The tea tins leaked slowly so we had to place them on vintage trays.  That looked even better!
Amanda made quiche lorraine from my recipe.  It was the best quiche lorraine I ever tasted.  Amanda, you are the designated quiche maker from now on!
tea party cucumber sands 2

Krista made turkey sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches.  She once worked at a deli, so she was the expert!
I made all the little signs with help from The Graphics Fairy.  I downloaded several of her vintage clip art photos.  If you have not perused her blog, please do so now!   Thanks, Karen!

tea party favors
Amanda and I actually made, yes, MADE tea bags out of about 5 different kinds of loose tea including black tea, green tea, Earl Grey and a few exotic ones.  I think the favorite was decaf pomegranate green tea purchased from Central Market.  We made labels out of brown paper bags with my handy dandy tag cutout tool.  They were placed by groups in vintage bowls at the tea station…and I did not get a photo of them.  Darn!  But I did get a photo of the tea bags above.  These were attached to little boxes that held party favors…cute little tea bag holders in shapes of teapots…and I did not get a photo of them.  Darn!
tea party favors closeup (2)

Krista made cookies and biscotti.  Yum!
tea party cookie table
tea party cookie table 2

tea party cookie signs
I ran out of sign holders, so I made these little wire ones.

tea party cow creamer
I gave my daughter this little cow creamer a few years ago.  I bought it in Mississippi when I was just 10 years old!  That’s 48 years ago!  My first little vintage purchase.

tea party bee honey holder
A friend of Amanda’s who recently passed away gave her this vintage bee honey server a few years ago.  It is very special to her.

tea party gift boxes
Aren’t these gift boxes from one of Elizabeth’s registries beautiful?  I would love to have some of these to keep on shelves in my closet. 

A few games, some delicious food and tasty teas, gifts opened--and then it was over. 

And then I was packing and moving and unpacking and putting up and so on and so on…..
homer laughlin bouquet gravy with underplate

Now how did that gravy boat get in there?

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