Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic=Black and White?


If you have seen many of my blog posts, you will know that my design esthetic contains very little red, white and blue.  Oh, I  AM patriotic, but the color palette (or lack of color palette) in my home these days contains mostly whites, greys, beiges, blacks and other muted sort of non-colors.  Some may think that is boring in d├ęcor but, for me, it is calming and makes me happy.  I am always drawn to those blogs with the same non-color palette that have that effect on me.  Looking at some of them makes me swoon.

The dilemma:  How to decorate the yard for the annual 4th of July neighborhood parade?

We left our flag pole and flag at our last residence when we sold it.  I think I have a few small flags, but where are they?  Probably still packed.  Hubby’s parade vehicle (a vintage army 8-wheel all-terrain Kidd) was such fun for the neighborhood kids in previous years, but right now it needs a little maintenance.  I’m not sure what part needs to be repaired, but I think it is the thingamadoody.

 kidd in Woodfield neighborhood parade (2)

Hey, where are those flags?  I could use them.


Oh, well, gotta hurry and get something up.

patriotic bus roll on front door close (2)


A patriotic destination bus roll.  It may be black and white, but the sentiment is there.  Time to celebrate our freedom!

patriotic bus roll on front door (2)

And maybe some red, white and blue sprinkles for the cupcakes!  Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Linking with Common Ground’s Patriotic Party!  Debra and her followers always have great posts!