Monday, November 14, 2011

Letterpress Art Leftovers

old typeset letters
Do you ever have leftover pieces from the projects you have completed?
I do.
Do you ever have projects you planned but never completed?
I do.
Do you ever wait so long to work on a project that the finished product would no longer be “in style” when you get around to do it?
I do.
That last one is a little embarrassing.
At one time, I had quite a few letterpress blocks that I used in some jewelry and collage projects.   The leftovers that I did not use were just stashed in a drawer with some of my other supplies.
Every time I saw them in that drawer, they just spoke to me.
I could probably have sold them individually.  I am sure that some true collectors would be appalled that I glued them together in a hanging.   I had just the right place for them to hang.  I had just the right size thrift-store frame.  
So my leftover pieces became a completed project that appeals to me as a finished product.  Those letters still speak to me as I pass by them on the wall each day.  Want to know what they say?
There seems to be never enough, so take advantage of those zzzzzzzzz’s and $$$$$$$$$$’s.

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