Monday, April 25, 2011

More Cows



You know how I love my cow painting, right?  Well, my daughter, Amanda, is the one who taught me to paint in that particular style and to just have fun with it.  She has been at it painting cows again.  She says she loves to paint anything with a face.  This painting of a cow and calf  I think is especially sweet.  Love the cow tag, Amanda!


amanda calf and cow

This photo was taken with her iphone, but it really looks good in person!  If she had known I was going to post it, she probably would have used her Nikon.  Please excuse the quality.




Saturday, April 9, 2011

Advertising Art


Okay, so my house is full of paintings I have done.

And my house is full of paintings my daughter

has done.

I am still a sucker for all kinds of art I find in thrift stores.

Here is an interesting one I found recently.


listerine ad

I was drawn to the colors.

I loved the simple mat and black frame.

I hardly ever leave anything in its original condition,

but I didn’t do a thing to it.

Then I read the fine print.


listerine ad 2


It’s a Listerine ad.

“Listerine used as a mouthwash quickly overcomes halitosis (unpleasant breath.)”

I could tell by how it was framed that it was vintage.

Then I read the finer print.

listerine ad cropped showing quotes

It has a signature.

Myron Perley.

I had no idea who that was.

But thanks to the ole internet, you can look up that stuff.

It seems that ad illustrator Myron Perley did this one for a magazine in 1916.

I was able to find other illustrations (lots of cars) he did and I

love his work.

But I really love the quirkiness of this one.

Uh oh.

Pay no attention to that reflection of my cow painting

that is showing on the glass in the second photo.

She is always trying to get in the picture.



Linking with Vintage Revivals Look What I Found Friday.  Love that Mandi (even before I saw her on Nate Berkus)!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking the Bread Code


bread code


Well, my friends, I found this too interesting to keep to myself!  You may already know this, but a tweet from House Beautiful explains that the way to tell if the bread is fresh is by the color of the twist ties or plastic clips.  This article at was written by Paul Michael.  You can read it here, but a quick guide is in this excerpt:

As it turns out, they indicate when the loaf was baked. The standard is as follows:

  • Blue: Monday
  • Green: Tuesday
  • Red: Thursday
  • White: Friday
  • Yellow: Saturday


I always knew the color of the twisties meant something, but I had never seen an actual guide.  The article also states there are some exceptions, but I think if this is true, I will find it very helpful, indeed!