Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Little More Christmas…


You know you want to see even more Christmas photos, right?

Here’s just a few more around my house.

christmas old chalkboard with tree

I had just found this old chalkboard with chalk holder tray, so I just drew a tree on it for the holidays.


christmas candeholder made out of thread spool holder

My hubby had recently bought this old thread spool holder for me, so I just made some beeswax candles and added a glittered crown.


christmas little chandelier with ornament shades

These little shades were actually ornaments I bought several years ago.   I just adjusted them by cutting off some of their pieces with wire cutters and put them on this little chandelier.

christmas little chanderlier with ornament shades closeup




christmas breakfast oatmeal

How did this get in here?  By the way, oatmeal is not my favorite breakfast in the world, but I do love this Oatmeal Raisin Cookie oatmeal by BetterOats.


christmas bottle brush trees

Still love these bottle brush trees I bleached last year.


christmas white trees above hutch

More white trees above my china cabinet.


christmas you are here 2

I know you’ve already seen this tree, but here’s another little smidgeon.  Looks like that icicle was Made in China.


christmas you are here

And a framed map on the wall behind the tree.

christmas little trees bed springs

I used some old bed springs and pieces to decorate some tiny trees.

christmas kids with presents

Grandkids eyeing presents.  I had to sneak in a photo of them.


christmas tea set

Christmas tiny tea set.

christmas present from kids

The grandkids made a dry erase board for me!

Love it!


Hope you all had a marvelous and joyful Christmas!

And yes, we had snow for a White Christmas in Texas!








Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kringle…Gangnam Style


Meet Kringle.

elf 3


He’s our household elf at Christmastime.

We’re grandparents, so he has a few more wrinkles and flaws than your standard elf on a shelf.  Or maybe he is just tired.



But wait!

elf 1

Elfie Gangnam Style!


elf 4

Entirely too much TV.





Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 6 of the Advent Calendar said “Tea Party.” So….


christmas tea party 1



The food is the same stuff they eat all the time, just in a different setting. 

christmas tea party 2

christmas tea party 5christmas tea party 4

christmas tea party 6



christmas tea party 3



christmas tea party 9

christmas tea party 10


That is my brother, Reid.

christmas tea party 11

christmas tea party 7

Game of the Day:     Put the Nose on Rudolph





christmas tea party 12



christmas tea party 8



More snacks.

christmas tea party 13


And now:  DANCING!christmas tea party 15


christmas tea party 17



Just a little more sustenance for Reid.

christmas tea party 16



More dancing.

christmas tea party 18

christmas tea party 19



More snacks.

christmas tea party 21



And now, a project. Caroline says she loves glitter. 

christmas tea party 35


Tiny Christmas trees in snow globes, uh, I mean small salt shakers.

christmas tea party 22


More dancing.

christmas tea party 33


More Rudolph.

christmas tea party 34


And they listened to The Nativity Story.

Can we have another tea party tomorrow?

christmas tea party 36

Sunday, September 30, 2012

In Memory of Carol

A tornado touched down near my apartment in Corsicana, Texas in 1973.  Fortunately, it did very little damage.  And also fortunately, in the courtyard during the tornado alarm, I met Carol Jennings Kittley Jodon.

We became forever friends.  She was such a multi-faceted individual.  She was smart, pretty, talented, outgoing.  Did I mention outgoing?

We started with many things in common.  And some not-so-common.   She touched my life in many ways and I became involved in new things…for me.  Athletics.  She was athletic.  I was not.  Piano.  She was talented.  I was not.   I tried to keep up in those early years of our friendship.  Also, she loved art.  And, well, then I could keep up. 

During our friendship, our experiences included marriages, child-rearing, church and sunday school, mutual friends, moves, illnesses, tremendous losses, jobs, travels, parties, fun times, precious grandchildren, triumphs and heartbreaks.  You know…  Events that brought geographical space.  Events that removed that space.

She was a planner and a doer.  Even in this last year, we planned and did.  She had just retired and had so many plans.  This wasn’t her first battle with cancer.  She had more than her share.  In this last year, while she again courageously faced radiation, chemo, MRIs etc., we would have visits that including paintings and projects that her physical strength would allow.  We cried.  And we laughed.  When we grew tired, we stayed up until all hours with the goal of watching funny movies.  But usually something would remind us of something or someone in the past and so we talked with the movies in the background.  We were glad to have that rewind button—on TV as well as in our memories.   We never ran out of topics for conversation.   

And we never ran out of projects.  Even this last week, we planned another project, a small painting of a bird that she liked.  Our common love of art helped us both in this last year. Someday, I hope to finish that project…for her.  

Did I mention that she was outgoing?  She had so many friends that I could not begin to count them all.  And so MY memories of Carol are just a few compared to all those out there.  The loss of September 28, 2012 is greatly felt.  So please say a prayer for her family, her multitude of friends….and me.








Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic=Black and White?


If you have seen many of my blog posts, you will know that my design esthetic contains very little red, white and blue.  Oh, I  AM patriotic, but the color palette (or lack of color palette) in my home these days contains mostly whites, greys, beiges, blacks and other muted sort of non-colors.  Some may think that is boring in d├ęcor but, for me, it is calming and makes me happy.  I am always drawn to those blogs with the same non-color palette that have that effect on me.  Looking at some of them makes me swoon.

The dilemma:  How to decorate the yard for the annual 4th of July neighborhood parade?

We left our flag pole and flag at our last residence when we sold it.  I think I have a few small flags, but where are they?  Probably still packed.  Hubby’s parade vehicle (a vintage army 8-wheel all-terrain Kidd) was such fun for the neighborhood kids in previous years, but right now it needs a little maintenance.  I’m not sure what part needs to be repaired, but I think it is the thingamadoody.

 kidd in Woodfield neighborhood parade (2)

Hey, where are those flags?  I could use them.


Oh, well, gotta hurry and get something up.

patriotic bus roll on front door close (2)


A patriotic destination bus roll.  It may be black and white, but the sentiment is there.  Time to celebrate our freedom!

patriotic bus roll on front door (2)

And maybe some red, white and blue sprinkles for the cupcakes!  Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012



sheep full shot cropped 3

You know how it happens.  You can’t sleep.  You decide to watch all those TV shows you have dvr’d.  But you can’t get interested.  You decide to read.  But you’re too sleepy to read.

You try counting sheep.


I tried painting sheep…


Just simple sheep…


On a painting of trees…


Someone’s watching….

cow watching

One sheep…

sheep up close

Two sheep…


Three sheep….


Too many sheep….


Sloppy sheep….








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