Monday, April 23, 2012

From the redneck.chic Herself

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have written on my blog.  Some of you know that I have been otherwise encumbered.  Anyway, I want to show you this:

toolbox before
I bought this old toolbox here as I was passing through Hillsboro a while back (in Texas, we say “a while back” when we can’t remember and it’s not important for the story anyway) from none other than the red neck.chic herself!
Her name is Robelyn and I believe she is a regular at Roundtop, but I have never been to Roundtop.  I know you can’t believe it.  Also, I have never met Robelyn in person. But I would like to meet her someday.   I have been following her blog and she makes me laugh.  I love to laugh.  I found Robelyn through the blog of the famous Mindy of The Primitique.  Mindy makes me laugh.  Did I say that I love to laugh…a while back?

So….this is what I did to the toolbox…for now.
toolbox painted and platters8
toolbox painted and platters 1
toolbox painted and platters2
toolbox painted and platters3
toolbox painted and platters4
toolbox painted and platters5
toolbox painted and platters7
toolbox painted and platters9
Yep, I painted it.  Now this baby is 3 feet long, so it holds a bunch of big ‘ole platters.  Or tools. 
If you don’t know red neck.chic, you might go on over to her blog and look around.  If you do know her, please tell her I visited her stash and that I said hi….. “a while back.” 

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