Tuesday, October 26, 2010

White Pumpkins….Revisited

I haven’t completely lost my marbles. I know I posted this same photo of white pumpkins last year. But it is nearing Halloween and Thanksgiving and I guess I haven’t unpacked the box that has my white pumpkins in it.

I mean, how often do you need white pumpkins? I still love a white palette, so I guess once per year. I made these about 14 years ago and they still work pretty well. And they are very inexpensive and easy to make.

Actually, I have another reason for reposting about these. I ran across a blog recently that gives instructions for making these pumpkins out of dryer duct. Mine are so old that it was before they were made out of a silver foil product. But anyway, you get the idea. I couldn’t have described it better myself, so I’ll let Kaysi of Keeping it Simple show you how. Instead of painting them orange, I just painted them white and used silk leaves. Thanks, Kaysi!

Today I'd like to link with White Wednesday. Please join me at Kathleen's Faded Charm!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Frisco Mercantile Event Tomorrow October 23, 2010


FM cash wrap


It only happens twice in a year, so tomorrow is a big deal in Frisco, Texas at Frisco Mercantile.

Storewide Sale 12:00 – 4:00 !  This place is huge and there is something for everyone—so, if that doesn’t, as they say, “light your fire”, maybe your wood’s wet!

Personally, my experiences selling here have been WONDERFUL!  (I have bought a few things too)

You can check out their website, but here are a few photos of my own:

FM halloween display

You are welcomed by this wonderful Halloween display.


FM suzy in front of booth

The Recycle Goddess herself, Suzy Borg!  Alas, she will not be in attendance since she is relocating to St. Louis.  I will miss her.  As she said, we are kindred spirits.  I believe we are (except SHE is young and gorgeous)! 

Wish I had pictures of more of her wonderful redos.

FM Suzy with hardware flower Here she is with one of her wall pieces (industrial meets floral).  Do you see what the stem is made out of?  An old level. 


Below are just a few random photos of some of the many suites and boutiques in Frisco Mercantile.


FM big game board 

I want this huge antique game board for my game room!

FM black and white and gold area 


FM booth in greys


FM chandelier


FM carved antique bed


FM huge spanish print


FM large item area


FM santos area


FM corner cabinet edwardian


FM carved cabinet


FM distressed cabinet and tin

FM statues


FM vintage clothing



FM front corner


This is a small sampling.  See anything you like?

Quesadillas…What….Leftover Pot Roast?

I love to cook.

You may not know that about me.

There are soooo many cooking shows and books and blogs out there. Good ones too.

I don’t intend to do a cooking blog.

Once in awhile though, I may share something from the kitchen.

Like the other night. We were tired of pot roast. You know, with just two at home, it can last awhile.

So, I made something that hubby loved. Quesadillas.

You probably already have your favorite pot roast recipe, so I won’t bore you with that. If you don’t have one, we can talk about it.

So…..I just heated up the pot roast—with carrots and potatoes and all—in the microwave.

Then a little butter in a cast iron or non-stick pan on stove, medium heat.

Then one flour tortilla.

Then top with the pot roast, carrots and potatoes and all.

Than top with another flour tortilla.

When bottom is browned, flip over…..veddy carefully….and brown the top that is now on the bottom.

You could even repeat this and make a triple decker quesadilla, but why would you? You just make a whole other one if you’re still hungry.

Now cut into fourths for dainty eating.

I like to garnish with cilantro. But then, I love cilantro.

And serve with your favorite picante or salsa or jalapenos or whatever that just takes it up to another level above pot roast.

This is why I don’t do a cooking blog. Are you confused yet? Well, I’ll let the finished product speak for itself. It’s so easy, you can make up the rest. Just do it….they’re tasty!

quesadillas dining room

Just a snack….

quesadillas and egg cups

Or a daintier appetite…..

quesadaillas smaller

It’s official. I won’t be doing a photography blog either.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gone Fishing......Not!

Contrary to rumors, I have NOT been off fishing for the past 2 weeks. Actually, there weren't rumors. I just took down this painting that I did several years ago to move to the new house and I was reminded of a lazy summer day (maybe in this little boy's life, but not in mine)! So, where have I been?

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.


While their parents were on a vacation cruise, hubby and I (their Gumby and Pammy) stayed with them at their house. Reid and Caroline, we miss you!