Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Creature Was Stirring

christmas hohoho
Somewhere in the house

christmas time
I heard funny sounds

christmas angels
But it wasn’t a mouse

christmas mantle 1
We’d loaded a tree

christmas tree and horse
The new skinny one
christmas tree and reid

Bought just for them

christmas tree and caroline
We’d had so much fun

christmas mantle 3
And so we decided

christmas mantle 2
To put out more trees

christmas tree sale
But I’d promised a surprise

reid caroline fireplace dec 2011 no 2

And I’d heard their pleas
reid caroline reading and cd player
In this high-tech world

We all need a break

caroline reading with my glasses
And they get such a kick

Out of things that they make

reid painting (2)
So Christmas came early

caroline in beret (2)
For Caroline and for Reid
Reid dec 2011 (2)
Those tiny hands held chalk
tiny hands chalkboard 3 (2)

And erasers they’d need

reid is so excited about his new old chalkboard
So the sounds I had heard

chalkboards and kids 3
Weren't musical chords

chalkboards and kids 2

Twas chalk clickety-click
chalkboards and kids
On new, old chalkboards!

caroline is not really writing her name

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Closest I Will Get to My Christmas Dishes This Year


Do you ever just stop and do a double-take when you are looking at a magazine because you see something familiar?

I do.  And I would bet you do too. 

Recently, I was casually looking at a Country Living and suddenly came to a halt when I saw this:

red-plates-country living like my currier and ives hl (2)

Yep.  Homer Laughlin Currier and Ives red transferware.

Just like mine.   Well, actually I do not have the teapot.

But I do have 3 sets of double-handled cream soup bowls that are not included in those shown above.  Sweet!


Here is an old poor quality photo of mine mixed in with a few other things.  They are not REALLY Christmas dishes but I always thought they looked especially pretty at Christmas.  I guess someone else thought so too!   Seeing the magazine photo makes me happy I did not sell mine.  At least not yet.  Which reminds me….I need to sell more dishes.

Mine are packed away for now, so I won’t use them this Christmas.  Sometimes life just gets a little hectic.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Foggy Morn


Hubby and I have always wanted a room with a view.  In the past, we just enjoyed a view (if we could get one) from hotel windows.   Recently, we completely renovated a condo (I’ll post photos of the redo later) and it just happens to have a large master bedroom with very tall ceilings and a huge picture window.


The other morning a big of fog rolled in.

foggy bottom 2



Now this condo sits on a hilltop.  So this is what it looked like when the fog cleared.

view from condo br 2

We do love our room with a view.