Wednesday, February 24, 2010

White Wednesday

I thought I would add something to the White Wednesday posts since I love to decorate with white. My antique church railing is a great room divider and has many uses. It was actually in a yard when I found it and bought it years ago. I painted it and sweet hubby added shelves on one side and huge rolling wheels so I can move it although it is VERY heavy. I love the gothic shapes. Right now it stores magazines and decorating books, but it is also very handy as a bar or server.

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Faded Charm said...

Okay, this is an awesome piece. How fun to decorate with it. Thanks for sharing with us.


Barbara Jean said...

Great piece! I love white too.


barbara jean

EnchantedBella said...

So cool I love it. Great piece!


A Perfect Gray said...

I am totally gone over this railing. It is fabs. LOVE anything from old churches. really great!