Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Truly Toilet Tissue Trivia

I buy white toilet tissue. Honestly, I don't even know if they make toilet paper in pastel colors anymore. I have only bought white as long as I can remember. And speaking of getting old, one thing I have noticed is that there are many different different styles of toilet tissue holders. I remember years ago, I lived in a house that had an ornery toilet paper holder. Don't know why I didn't just buy a new one and change it out, but I didn't. They seem to have improved over the years, or at least the ones I have had. I won't bore you with photos of all the different kinds. I will only bore you with two.

Toilet Tissue Holder #1

I think this one is pretty. It is nickel which matches all the hardware in this house. By the way, I had my hubby take this photo and he was being cute, so he is responsible for the hotel "V". This holder works well, but you know, I said I was getting older and you do have to kind of use both hands and take out the center rod and put the roll on it and get it back in place just right.

Toilet Tissue Holder #2

I think this one is pretty, too, because it matches all the hardware in our other house. But this one is so very useful. You just slip the roll right on the rod! Easy! Even when your hands are sore from all the painting. I took this photo and of course I couldn't let my hubby outdo me, hence the hotel "V" again.

One other thing: I drew this years ago and have since kept it next to the toilet paper holder and you know, the holder is very rarely empty!

I told you it was Trivia! While you're just sitting there, pop on over to Faded Charm and say hello to Kathleen and thank her again for hosting another White Wednesday!


awal.ny said...

You are funny, interest white I must say. No potty talk around here. Thanks for coming to visit my white chair, it has a twin too, they are my favorite redo's.

Faded Charm said...

I have to admit I like the ones you can just slip the roll onto easily. Mainly because the rest of my family will actually do it and not leave it sitting around for me to do.

Great post and thanks for playing along today.


Anonymous said...


Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

cute post! very clever white Wednesday!

Diana said...

Glad you found Texas-Blogging Gals! Will get you on the next updated list.

Enjoyed a first visit. Would love to pop in for a browse at the store. Following you......

Come see me at my personal blog, too, real soon.

clustres said...

Diana, I did just that and enjoyed it very much! Thanks,