Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lovin' That Butler.............'s Pantry!

Meet Hopson. This is probably as close as I'll ever get to having a butler. But I do have a butler's pantry and it is, as you guessed, mostly in shades of white.

Looking from the dining room. Interesting how the glass fronts show up on film.
They don't look like this in person.

They look more like this (just an iphone photo a little closer-up).
You can see the vintage Wedgewood dishes behind the glass somewhat better.

My collection of vintage Easimix Gresley mixing bowls.
I just love the little bitty one.

Of course, I've made a chalkboard in a vintage frame for every nook and cranny.
Needs a menu written on it, doesn't it? For this setting, it would be a breakfast menu.

I've been collecting apothecary jars for about 25 years, before it was cool.
Right now, these hold breakfast cereals and packets of instant oatmeal.
And there is a toast holder and a Heisy syrup pitcher.

Part of my collection of individual creamers.
I've also been collecting cloches before it was cool.
I actually at one time used them in the garden.
Of course, that was way back when I had a garden.

Starting the day with a little inspiration:
vintage religious print.

Not too far from the butler's pantry:
an apothecary jar holding espresso cups (to get you started)
an apothecary beverage dispenser for orange juice or mimosas (to really get you started)
and a vintage master sugar bowl.

Also not too far from the butler's pantry:
an antique tea cabinet that holds different teas and coffees,
a tray holding shot glasses (I love to serve little juices in these or
gazpacho....someday they might even hold shots!)
And a little chair holding small leaf dishes that I use
as butter pats or teabag holders or jam servers.
By the way, I guess you could say this little chair is my own version of Mary Engelbreit's
"chair of bowlies".

Well, I hope you enjoyed a visit to my butler's pantry. Next time, let me know and maybe I'll have actual food!

In the meantime, "Hopson" on over to Kathleen's blog, Faded Charm, and visit the other entries for White Wednesday!


Linda said...

Love your Butler's Pantry! Very nice whites. Thanks for the comment about the flowers and I think you are right...Peonies....after your comment I looked at some photos and they do look like that. Thanks!!

Linda @ A La Carte

Amy said...

That is the most elegant pantry I have ever seen.
My friend had a nook so similar to yours in her apartment, a 3 story brownstone that was converted into 3 apartments and hers contained that butlers nook.
I just love the history that some homes contain.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

So, tell me. When you have done things, long before others, and then it becomes "popular", do you feel burned and ready to move away from them? Or are they "yours" at that point? I hate seeing "done" in my home. It makes me crazy. And of course, it's -all- been done. I just hate being trendy. Do tell...~Mindy

Bella said...

Hi Pam,
How wonderful to have a butlers pantry! It looks stunning, as does your fabulous collection of apothocary jars!

clustres said...

Mindy, well, since I have been collecting for so long, I have seen many things become popular and then go out of style--some more than once! Right now, I am fortunate that I can just sell some of the things I have that have become popular again. Such as, apothecary jars-I have sold so many the last 3 years and still get to keep some. I still buy what I love! Even if somebody else wonders why I love it, there is always someone else who "gets" it, as you say! You shouldn't worry, you have a great sense of style and fun and I for one, don't think your stuff has all been done! You have the right attitude and people love and admire you for it! Pam

Atticmag said...

You have great little collections. The creamers are especially wonderful. Hope you'll stop by if you have time. Jane F.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Thanks for answering, Pam! I tend to think you know what you are talking about, so it's nice to hear your take on the been there, done that situation. And thanks for your words of kindness and encouragement! Though I have been in the antiques business forever, I am still learning to spread my wings regarding decorating and design. It's a fun world to explore! ~Mindy

Donna said...

Oh my gosh! Your butler's pantry is just stunning! It would be so fun to have one! And I have never seen Cheerios look so elegant! You have so many things that I love: chalkboards, cloches, vintage mixing bowls. I really love your creamers under the cloche, too! What a gorgeous place you have created!

The Lazy Peacock said...

that is one gorgeous butler's pantry, and i LOVE your silver toast rack.

Sherry said...

This is gorgeous! I love your cabinets and your counter top!!! You made it just perfect with your accessories! So pretty.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

That is a gret collection of antique mixing bowls.And also other treasures. Have a good week..Julian

Diann said...

Lovely collection of whites for today! Everything looks wonderful!

The Boston Lady said...

Pam, thanks for visiting my crazy little blog and leaving a comment. I love your butler! My grandpa had one and I used to talk to him when I'd visit. Your pantry is lovely as are your displays of your various collections. I'm partial to the little creamers in the cloche. I will explore your blog further to find your Boston Love, but today just wanted to say thanks for stopping by! Ann

Lori said...

your butler's pantry is gorgeous!!! i love your mixing bowl collection...thanks for stopping over to visit me!!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Love your Butlers pantry, it is so neat!
Love the elegant chalk board too, what a clever and elegant way to display it.
Like how you put everyday things like cereals and oatmeal in the apothecary jars, very nice.
thanks for coming by and leaving you nice comments on my repurposing ideas
Blessings, Nellie

Tracy F. said...

Love your glass-front cabinets and all the pretty things inside. Thanks for sharing them with us!

June said...

Oh I've always wanted one of these. Yours is beautiful Pam. I could put a lot of stuff in such a lovely space.
I have so enjoyed looking around your lovely blog.

Diana said...

Enjoyed all your pretties!

Prior said...

goodness I'm so glad you visited my blog, so I would know to come visit you! I'm gonna' follow and do some more snooping because it looks like you are my kind of Texas gal... Thanks for following me, too. I just posted away too long post about my bathroom. I do not have a butler's pantry, wish I had one like yours! Lezlee

Gale said...

Hello Pam! No one else has claimed those Waco coupons I was giving away on Texifornia, so they're yours if you want them. You can e-mail me at ecarian at yahoo dot com . Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Make yourself necessary to someone.........................................

Lara Harris said...

You have a beautiful home!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Pam!

Wow girl, your butler pantry is gorgeous! There is so much I love, but I think my fave things is all those creamers under the cloche. Perfection.


Barbara Jean said...

Did I tell you I made one of these for my brother a long time ago?
He still has it.


barbara jean

PS thanks for the note. I am feeling better. Should update my blog i guess. =)