Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shabby White Science Desk/Making New Hardware Look Old

For this week's White Wednesday (please go visit Kathleen's blog Faded Charm and say thank you to her for hosting this weekly event), I have a two-fold mission. First, to show this piece hubby and I picked up MANY years ago in Canton, Texas. We thought at the time it was some kind of primitive kitchen piece. We have since discovered it is probably a very old science desk out of a classroom. It has the places for the pipes to come up the back for the bunson burners or whatever is used in science. (Can you tell it has been too long since I've been in a science classroom?) I love the patina of the chippy paint...mostly creamy white but a little blue is sneaking through.

The old metal top is neat too.

Our daughter currently has possession of this piece and she loves the way it works as a sofa table in her home. And it was a desk for partners. How cute is that!

It has the most wonderful hardware. You can't recreate this look!

Or can you? Hence, the second part of my mission. The main problem with the piece is that it was missing one of these:

So I bought a new one and painted it to look like the old one. Can you tell which is old and which is new?

Honestly, I am not really sure. It has been 4 years ago and I think the bottom one is the one I painted. It has held up pretty well. It gets used A LOT by my babygrands, 3-year old Reid, and 1-year old Caroline! After all, toys are inside!


Candylei said...

I love your banner of plates. Also the desk is a wonder. You matched the hardware perfectly!

Prior said...

omygoodness~ really great desk! Lezlee

Lynn said...

Thank you for visiting my site today and wishes to you.

trash talk said...

Fab piece. You're probably right about it being in a school lab and no, I can't tell which is which. I just want you to know I'm stealing, I mean borrowing the term "babygrands". That is too stinking cute and describes the g'kids to a TEE!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment! I'm glad you did as your is beautiful! Your piece is gorgeous that you are showing. Great job!


mariondee-designs said...

What a great desk and I love all it's shabby chippiness! You did a great job at recreating an old handle to match, I really can't tell which is the old and which is the new. Thanks so much for visiting my blog..take care, Maryann

Allison Shops said...

That is a wonderful piece. The top picture looks like new hardware to me, but only because it looks like they've been touched (made shiny) by a screwdriver (inside the screw/line thingy - does that have a name?!)

I'm glad you enjoyed my Classic Trends post. I'll definitely explore your blog and share with my oldest daughter who worked for Shabby Chic (in CA).


awal.ny said...

That is a great desk. I love the chippy paint, a partners desk, you do not see many like that one, quite a find.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

That is a wonderful piece of furniture, love the chippy white...your daughter placed it in the right spot!

Thanks for stopping by, so appreciate it!


Dena said...

What an absolutely yummy piece! I truly cannot tell which one is old, but I love every part of this piece :)


Laura said...

I can't tell!
You did an amazing job.
I am going to Canton in October.
Do you take a trailer?

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The Primitique said...

Great piece! Wow! I like it a lot and I've have scooped it up, too. ~Mindy