Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Somethin’ Somethin’ Surprise

antique pill box
Hubby has been at it again.  He surprised me with this.
If you are a follower of my blog, here are some things you probably know:
1.  It is old.
2.  He bought it at an estate sale.
3.  He expects me to figure out what it is.
So, what is it?
Here are things you probably don’t know. 
Yes, it does resemble a flask, but…..
1.  It is tiny.  Here is the size.antique pill box with ruler   Now that would be one big inch and a half thimbleful of liqueur!
2.  It is covered with leather and has brass touches and yes, it does resemble a lighter, but it has no flint wheel and does not contain lighter fluid. 
3.  Before you get any ideas about what I mean by somethin’ somethin’, the part of the definition that goes with this item is “alluding to something drug-related”. 
4. Okay, enough hints.  I’m getting out of hand.

antique pill box open
It is a vintage pill box.
Hope my headache is a small one.

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trash talk said...

I was going to suggest maybe a snuff box...but pill box has a much nicer sound to it. It's lovely and what a keeper your husband is!

clustres said...

Hey Deb, maybe it is a snuff box! I had not thought of that! It would be too funny if I could prove him wrong!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! (and had no clue what it was) but I love it!! :) Sweet hubby to bring it to you. Very fun!!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Love it...and your husband is very sweet!

Thanks for linking with 2nd Time Around!