Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Itty Bitty Paper Cutter


The hubby and I recently celebrated an anniversary.  We have been married 46 wonderful years…ok, so it is really 23, but we always double it, you know, 'cause there are 2 of us.  So we have been married {double} wonderful years, {half} for him and {half} for me!    Well, maybe we are the only ones that have fun with that, but we do have fun!

Now I guess most of you would ask for diamonds and so forth and whatnot.  But me?  I wanted a little paper cutter.  He brought me a huge one a long time ago.  But I really just need little things cut most of the time.   So I did something I don’t do very often.  I asked for it.  Why do I not do that very often?  Because he would try his best to get it for me.  And frankly, well, I just don’t need much.

And here it is:

match strike

Cute, right?  It’s only 8 1/2” square.  I’m really looking forward to using it.  Uhm, he also surprised me one time with that little vintage silver-topped match strike. 

Van Briggles candlesticks 4

And another time he brought me these vintage Van Briggles pottery candlesticks.  You see, he brings me vintage things. 

Here is another type of paper cutter he brought me a few months ago. 

antique paper roller 3I’ve seen these old general store paper rollers/cutters in antique stores a lot, but I never really had a use for one.   Until now.


antique paper roller 4


caroline painting closeup (2)

She’s been at it almost since she was born.  Her brother too!  And they outgrow things.


tom and caroline at little table (2)

Gumby does not outgrow things.


antique paper roller 1

Sometimes, you can barely find the paper roller. 



gumby reid caroline mar 2013 (2)

Yes, we do have fun!  Thanks, Gumby!  We love you!





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