Sunday, August 8, 2010

Next Project...It's Bigger Than a Breadbox!

We are very excited! Here is a photo of our next project--so much work, but loads of potential! More photos to come as we make progress. Of course, there is still chaos, but my a/c is working in my suburban. It has 2 air conditioners that had to be repaired, so, in the words of Bill Murray, "I got that goin' for me." For our anniversary, Hubby insisted that I get a new computer since mine had gone kablooey. I'm still working on getting all my stuff switched over. I can totally relate to Laura's (White Spray Paint) blog post funny! Thanks, Laura, for making me feel better! I also have a new camera, so we'll see if I can work it when I have time to sit down with the instructions.

More good news is that inventory (except for a few stragglers) has been moved and we will be able to start on the above project right away. In the meantime, until my stuff is situated, I can be contacted directly by email. I am still on the road constantly between our Crawford home and our home in Frisco. I will also be posting new photos of some things I have just completed. Recently, I have met some inspiring new people and reconnected with some old friends. And I really appreciate all of my wonderful blogging friends who have become a great resource for inspiration and encouragement! Thanks bunches!


trash talk said...

What a charming cottage. I didn't realize there were any of these little jewels left in Frisco! Girl, you are just a hop, skip and a jump from me.
P.S. My sister lives in Frisco! We grew up in McKinney.

clustres said...

Hey, Debbie, this cottage is in Waco. I actually live in Crawford and have a house in Frisco too where I am spending more and more time helping with grandbabies who live there! The only cottages I saw in Frisco were downtown and were EXPENSIVE! So I bought a new home there that did not require total REDO. Sounds like I am collecting houses. Well, hubby and I have always been collectors....

The Primitique said...

Oh, Pamela! What's the plan? A redo for resale? Or a redo for shop sales? Are you opening shop? Details are in order, doncha think? I'm with Debbie. It's darling! ~Mindy

Karen said...

Looks VERY fun to me! Thanks for visiting!
Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

Prior said...

cute cottage! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Lezlee

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Okay, I am hitching up my trailer and head'n over to drag that back with me! I LOVE it! Oh, and I just love your header, by the way :-)

Can't wait to see what I do (I mean, what YOU do) with the cottage!

Elizabeth :-)

Gypsy Heart said...

This cottage is wonderful! Yes, we need details too. :-) I just love these older houses. Hope you're enjoying the new A/C...what in the world would we do without them? This heat is just too much!

If you're ever in the Ft. Worth area, give me a yell, ok?