Monday, November 1, 2010

A Wicked Good Halloween


I certainly hope you all had a wicked good Halloween.  Here is mine in a few photos.


The babygrands tricked and treated.

caroline halloween

Caroline as Princess Leia.  She was serious about it.



reid halloween

Reid as his usual self--entertaining as a clown.  This time with the help of clothing.


trick or treat

Mom and Dad helping a little.


I was so busy trying to take photos.  But I did get to sneak a little of their candy.

I did not dress up.

But a few of my characters around the house were “subtly” in the spirit.


white horse with mask

Horse donned a Batman mask.

ballerina with cape

Ballerina “stole” a cape.

(By the way, I purchased this ballerina from a charity thrift store in Austin, Texas.  It looks like it might have been attached to a staircase or something with screws.  Marked Austin Products.)


shakespeare with mask

 Shakespeare…or somebody.


edgar allen poe and raven on bust

Edgar Allen Poe was hiding on Bust as The Raven Quoth Below.



edgar allen poe and raven closeup




domino blackbird on branch in frame

The domino blackbird was just hangin’ out.  There are lots of blackbirds ‘round here. 


rembrandt print with kitty

Rembrandt lady was rockin’ in my black cat domino pendant.


lady with witch hat

Fancy lady in fancy witch’s hat.

lady with witch hat closeup

Shhhh.  Don’t tell anyone but I haven’t unpacked the construction paper etc., so I just used a wrapper off a City Roast coffee package that I brought home from my last hotel visit. 


city roast coffee package

Maybe I’ll have decorations unpacked by next Halloween.










trash talk said...

Maybe I will too...if I can find the boxes!
Your baby grands are precious. Wouldn't her Mickey bucket have looked cute with braids instead of ears...not as cute as the princess herself of course!

clustres said...

Deb--I thought about that too after I saw the pictures!

The Primitique said...

I am enjoying your decorations! Very creative!

If you come out to see me, let me know so I can be sure to be there. My hours fluctuate, but the store is open M-Sat 8-6 with or without me.