Sunday, January 9, 2011

As Predicted


snowflakes 1IMG_1050


Yep, it snowed 5” in Frisco today.  The weatherman was right.  It was pretty and I have never seen such HUGE snowflakes.  I mean, can you see them?  It looked like feathers flying after a pillow fight!


snowflakes 2


snowflakes front door

I did not get out and drive in it.  I mean, look at my footprints.  I wasn’t even safe walking. 

snowflakes back  door

Why, yes, there is a noticeable absence of landscaping outside our patio door.  Thanks for asking.   We really don’t let just anyone back here.  But back to my point, look at the size of those flakes!



I used the time to get rid of pack away the last few remnants of Christmas.

old timey santa

Bye, bye, old vintage Santa that I found 10 years ago at an antique store.


christmas trees from walgreens

Bye, bye, silver Christmas trees that babygrand Reid picked out at Walgreens.  I just put them on top of some finials.  Fire in the fireplace, you can stay, I needed you today.


jewelry display tree

Bye, bye, jewelry display that I was going to take to the shop, but didn’t.  You looked mighty cute dressed up in your beaded finery.


bleached bottle brush trees

Bye, bye, bleached bottle brush trees.  Yes, I tried this like just about everyone else did.  If you haven’t seen how to do it, it’s like this:  fill sink with water, pour in some bleach, put in cheap bottle brush trees, leave overnight.  Easy!


I think that is finally all the decorations.  Why is it that I always find a few Christmas decorations I left out after putting most of them away each year?   

Oh well, made good use of a snow day!


JunqueMagnet said...

I know what you mean about the "leftovers". Last night on my way to sort junque in the basement I noticed a few remants on the landing.Oh drat - now where to put ANOTHER tinsel wreath?!!!Stay warm.

Rebecca said...

Wow, I bet your snow is fun... our snow isn't so much :)
Why is it when you look and look for all the decorations and just when you put that last bin in the basement... you will see another one hanging in plain sight.
Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with joy and peace

Gypsy Heart said...

You got lots more snow than we did but I agree with you ~ such HUGE, beautiful flakes. It was so quiet and peaceful to watch. Your deleting Christmas decor seems to be a pattern for most folks. My daughter got rid of a ton of things she wasn't planning to use again. I did go through the Christmas boxes before moving but was in overwhelm so really didn't toss anything. I'm tossing now though! :-) I unpacked 2 huge boxes this afternoon and so much of it was placed in the "donate" stack.

Take care and stay warm! Cold winds tomorrow ~

trash talk said...

The snow was pretty, but not so much today. Now it looks like Texas snow!
I usually keep an empty tub in the house after Christmas for about a month to drop in all the stuff that made it under my radar!