Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Wonderland



christmas tree outside in telluride

While I am watching the news tonight, I see snow is predicted for this part of Texas.  But it won’t be the first snow I’ve seen lately.  We were fortunate enough to spend Christmas in Telluride, Colorado with our daughter’s family.  Her in-laws actually own a home there and they invited us all up for a wonderful vacation.  It was beautiful and very cold.  Telluride is a scenic little town nestled in amongst those lovely mountains. 

telluride valley 2

The view from the gondola going up the mountain looking back down on Telluride.



Reid and Caroline were glad that Santa Claus found us there!

reid after santacaroline with wii drums


Fortunately, once we arrived, we didn’t have to drive around in the snow.  The gondola to take you up the mountain is located a block from their home and you could walk anywhere else you needed to go.  

gumby and me in tellurideamanda and jeff telluride

Tom and yours truly.                      Daughter Amanda and her husband, Jeff


brenda on gondolapaul and missy

Many thanks to our generous hosts, Brenda, Paul and Missy.


Some skied, but we all enjoyed good food, card games and, of course, our babygrands!

caroline closeup in telluridereid in telluride closeup

Caroline just wanted to play inside. Reid had never seen that much snow.





downtown telluride

I had to have a souvenir from Telluride.  There were a few little antique stores downtown.  They were really expensive.  But I did find these pretty silver napkin rings for a decent price.

napkin rings from telluride


And lo and behold, they were engraved.

napkin rings from telluride showing tom

Can you see it?  It says Tom.  Awww, my hubby’s name.


  As for the other one…..well, you can just call me….




I really appreciated my hubby’s driving ability in getting us safely to Telluride.  It was scary in the snowstorm!  Thanks, Gumby!

gumby on gondola 2


Yep, they are predicting 5” of snow here tomorrow.  We don’t handle snow and ice too well here.  I really don’t want to be driving around in it.  And there certainly is no gondola a block from the house! 


Lisa said...

Beautiful scenery on your Christmas trip! Love the napkin rings, too. We are expecting snow here in Mississippi beginning around noon Sunday thru Monday morning to the tune of 5 - 8 inches with a possibility of 1/4" of ice. Can handle the snow better than the ice. Everybody in MS is excited about this winter storm our weather people are calling "The Beast". Snow is a rare happening here! Stay warm and we will all wish for warmer weather! ...but first, gotta build a snowman!! :)

Gypsy Heart said...

Beautiful photos ~ I love Telluride! I'm sure you had a wonderful trip. The little ones are adorable...such huge, gorgeous eyes! Aren't they precious at Christmas?

What part of Texas are you in? I'm in the DFW area and yes, it's snowing a lot...just gorgeous to look at.