Monday, April 25, 2011

More Cows



You know how I love my cow painting, right?  Well, my daughter, Amanda, is the one who taught me to paint in that particular style and to just have fun with it.  She has been at it painting cows again.  She says she loves to paint anything with a face.  This painting of a cow and calf  I think is especially sweet.  Love the cow tag, Amanda!


amanda calf and cow

This photo was taken with her iphone, but it really looks good in person!  If she had known I was going to post it, she probably would have used her Nikon.  Please excuse the quality.





Privet and Holly said...

Talent runs in
the family!!
I love cow paintings,
too...and sheep...and
horses and dogs ~ oh my!
xx Suzanne

Transformations By Jacqueline said...

I love the paint! So sweet faces... Beautifull to have at mi living room wall! Thanks for share it!