Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking the Bread Code


bread code


Well, my friends, I found this too interesting to keep to myself!  You may already know this, but a tweet from House Beautiful explains that the way to tell if the bread is fresh is by the color of the twist ties or plastic clips.  This article at was written by Paul Michael.  You can read it here, but a quick guide is in this excerpt:

As it turns out, they indicate when the loaf was baked. The standard is as follows:

  • Blue: Monday
  • Green: Tuesday
  • Red: Thursday
  • White: Friday
  • Yellow: Saturday


I always knew the color of the twisties meant something, but I had never seen an actual guide.  The article also states there are some exceptions, but I think if this is true, I will find it very helpful, indeed!



Heather said...

Wow! How interesting. I never even paid attention to the color of the tag. Thanks for sharing!!

trash talk said...

I just ran (ok...I really hobbled) into the kitchen to look at my bread tie.! I'm printing this out to keep for reference...thanks!

French Charmed ~ Chelle said...

Bonsoir and Merci! This tidbit is very interesting. I've always meant to ask the baker about it, just never did. Thanks for sharing! We appreciate your visit, and are happy that you entered our "April In Paris" Giveaway Event. Wishing you the best of luck in the 2 remaining Giveaways! Au Revoir ~ Chelle