Wednesday, May 4, 2011

White Horse and a Cheery Me


For White Wednesday at Faded Charm, I thought I would write a post about my new acquisition.  Yes, this Jonathan Adler horse bowl (from his Menagerie Collection) is mine.  I am cheery indeed. 

white horse




white horse 3


The first time I saw it was a couple of years ago.  My daughter had just purchased it.  I liked it, but I didn’t think too much about it.  Soon after, I saw one in a photo online.  (I apologize because I do not know the source).


jonathan adler horse in kitchen (2)


I liked it even better.  Then I found myself searching for them on the internet.  I had no idea they were so expensive.  So I knew I would never break down and buy one.  Did that make me want one even more?

Every time I would visit her, I would stare at it.  I thought  maybe she would feel sorry for me.  She didn’t.

I thought I might try threatening her.  You know, the old Bill Cosby line “I brought you into this world….

That didn’t work.  She knows Kung Fu. 

So I was resolved to just stare…and want.

And then a couple of weeks ago, she asks me if she can trade her horse for a small elephant table of mine.  Well, uh, ok, if you insist. 

Maybe she was tired of me showing her my Iphone wallpaper every chance I could—a photo I had taken last year at her house.

white horse with reid and caroline

Her babies (my babygrands), their computers and, what?  Oh, look, it’s a white horse.


















JunqueMagnet said...

Ummm, hello...that is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Excuse me while I wipe my drool.I have a few of his bird bowls which I got for Xmas one year.When people asked what I wanted I directed them to his website.Luckily, two appeared but the horse...Looks fantastic.Yeah for you.

JunqueMagnet said...
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Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Love It~ I know my kids have taken a few things from me in the same way... I want to see the Elephant table!